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Teeth Whitening

Welcome to the WhiteWash Laboratories website where you can discover more about the exciting range of peroxide based professional teeth whitening products and non-peroxide maintenance products we’ve developed to help you achieve a whiter smile.

Everyone wants a whiter smile and why not! Here at WhiteWash Laboratories our team of dentists have developed a range of products with the sole aim of helping you to achieve and maintain a healthy white smile.

We’ve also put together a guide so you can find out more about the different types of teeth whitening treatments that are currently available and some helpful tips and tricks on how to maintain a white smile.



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As a leading teeth whitening and oral care manufacturer we’ve created a comprehensive range of teeth whitening products including teeth whitening gels, teeth whitening strips, dissolving teeth whitening strips, whitening toothpastes well as sonic and rotating toothbrushes.

Some of our products like our whitening strips and whitening gels are only available from your dentist because they contain professional strength teeth whitening gel.

Chances are that your dentist is already stocking our products as they are exclusively available from dental practices. If they aren’t stocked at your dental practice then you can ask your dentist to order any of our products in for you, including the professional strength products.

Alongside our professional strength products we also have a comprehensive range of non-peroxide maintenance products that have been specially designed to help remove surface stains and brighten teeth.

Great Quality Products

First and foremost we ensure that the product is great quality.

Excellent Product Packaging

We ensure that all of our products come beautifully packaged.

Value for Money

We then make sure that we can offer our product at a fair price


Only dentists can provide professional strength teeth whitening products that contain peroxide

This is because teeth whitening is classed as the practice of dentistry and it is essential to have a full dental examination to ensure that you are suitable candidate before undergoing any whitening treatment.

But not everyone needs to undergo a course of professional teeth whitening to achieve a whiter smile, for someone its as easy as having the right toothbrush combined with a whitening toothpaste and flossing to help remove stains and restore teeth back to their natural whiteness.

For further information on our range of products to achieve and maintain a white smile click here.


Visit our dedicated dentist section

Do you have a question that you want one of our dentists to answer?

Visit our ‘Ask The Expert‘ section to ask our dentists any teeth whitening and oral care related questions. You can also see a list of questions that other people have asked.

I have been using WhiteWash Laboratories Pink Ribbon toothbrush paired with their Silver Particle Whitening Toothpaste, which contains 99.9% pure silver particles, aloe vera, green tea extract and vitamin E - this £8.95 toothpaste is worth every penny. Since I’ve been using it, so many people have asked me if I’ve had my teeth whitened, I’ve lost count, which says it all, really.

So many people have asked me if I’ve had my teeth whitened!
Jessica Luper, Beauty Blogger

I’ve been using WhiteWash Laboratories’ Sonic Whitening Toothbrush. Instead of being the usual boring old brush, this is sleek and cool design, as well as helping to whiten teeth. It has three different brushing modes - clean, whiten and massage, as well as a timer and a long-life rechargeable battery.

Sleek and Cool Design
Hannah Vickers, Beauty Blogger
I would definitely recommend WhiteWash Whitening Strips to anyone, they are so easy and quick to use for the results you get. My teeth look a completely different colour from what they used to when I look back on photos. The results are great!
I would definitely recommend WhiteWash Whitening Strips to anyone!

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