Advanced NANO-SILVER PARTICLES have been added to the toothbrush bristles to help provide an anti-bacterial effect and inhibit bacterial growth on your toothbrush.

Dual Layered Whitening Bristles

The special dual-layered whitening bristles help to remove stains, restore teeth to their natural whiteness, and clean hard to reach places.

  • Short bristles to help clean between teeth
  • Long bristles to help clean between teeth and gums

Recent research from the dental community places an emphasis on brushing your gums as well as teeth. The cleverly designed dual-length bristles on our toothbrush help you to do this in a safe way.

Of course, brushing technique is very important because brushing too aggressively and in a saw-like action can lead to gum recession – speak to your dentist or hygienist about correct brushing techniques.


Toothbrush Advantages

The toothbrush contains pure nano-silver particles which helps to prevent bacterial growth.
Dual length filaments ensure a better brushing experience for cleaning inter-dentally and along the gum line.
Ergonomic toothbrush handle for superior comfort – patients that apply excess pressure can hold like a pencil to reduce force.

Nano-Silver Whitening Toothbrush
The handle is great for patients who tend to brush to hard as it is really ergonomically designed and can be held like a pen.  ‎I also really like the floss action bristles which help to clean between the teeth.
‎I really like the floss action bristles which help to clean between the teeth
Kim - Trainee Dental Therapist