Below are testimonials from dental professionals who are using and recommending our products:

I had previously tried whitening my teeth with another brand of whitening gel but found it made my teeth so sensitive i had to give up. I was told about WhiteWash Laboratories whitening gel which has extra ingredients to help prevent sensitivity so thought I would give it a try. Wow! what a difference! not only can I use it daily, I feel it has whitened my teeth quicker than the other brand I was previously using. I would definitely recommend this product!

I would definitely recommend this product!
Jill (Dental Nurse)
Formulated by UK dentists, WhiteWash Professional Whitening Strips are mouldable strips that contain the optimum amount of whitening gel to safely and effectively whiten teeth. Each course of strips contains a 14-day course of strips that provide an excellent whitening product and exceptional value to the patient. Dr. Peter Fleming says: “Our guinea-pig for trialling WhiteWash Professional Whitening Strips was, as always, the reluctant Manager. Being by nature a suspicious person she actually used the Strips during a working day as well as at home, and is convinced of their ease of use and lightening qualities, without the sensitivity of the ‘tray’ system. “I have no hesitation in prescribing Whitening Strips to young and old, depending on the reasons for the need to lighten. This could then lead on to either repeated use, or patients can move on to the more thorough ‘tray’ system for cases where there are more stubborn stains and darkening of enamel. The cost is certainly more acceptable to patients than trays, and the ‘kit’ shows them what good value the treatment is.”
WhiteWash Professional Whitening Strips : “Effective Whitening at Great Value”
Dr. Peter Fleming, Dentist
WhiteWash Laboratories is a leading provider of exceptional oral care products, including Professional Teeth Whitening Strips, Nano-Silver Toothbrushes, and Professional Whitening Toothpaste with Silver Particle Technology. Dr. Libby Allen of Bishopton Lane Dental Practice, Stockton, says: “WhiteWash Laboratories is an excellent company to work with, and the rep, Chris, will always go out of his way to help us whenever we need anything. “Personally, I like the products a lot, and my nurses also use them and achieve excellent results. WhiteWash Professional Teeth Whitening Strips are good for people who can’t afford to have more expensive tray whitening treatments. It’s a much more realistic expense for many people. I’ve also had some cases where patients have gone on from using the strips to then having other whitening procedures as well. “I think the branding of all the WhiteWash products is really good, and is attractive to patients. We currently sell the strips together with the Professional Whitening Toothpaste and Nano-Silver Whitening Toothbrush in a nicely packaged deal which works well, as very often we find patients will want to buy the toothbrush and toothpaste as well. This isn’t just good for us, but it’s good for our patients too!”
WhiteWash Laboratories : “An Excellent Company to Work With”
Dr. Libby Allen, Dentist
Dr. Trevor Bigg, of Milton Dental Practice in Oxford, says: “WhiteWash Professional Whitening 6% Strips have proved a popular, inexpensive and efficient way to bleach our patients’ teeth and as a top-up after other techniques have been used.  We thought perhaps patients would find using the strips too fiddly, but in fact applying the strips has not been a problem. All who’ve used them at the practice, including patients with irregular teeth, have been pleased with the results. “WhiteWash 6% Hydrogen Peroxide Whitening Gel reduces the problem of patient compliance as, unlike Carbamide Peroxide, it allows quick bleaching with only one to two hours of tray wear and no cases of sensitivity have been reported so far. Other gels require patients to wear the tray for up to six hours, which often means wearing it overnight. The fact this gel doesn’t is a big plus. “I have been really pleased with my experience with WhiteWash Laboratories. I can thoroughly recommend their products.”
“I can thoroughly recommend their products.”
Dr. Trevor Bigg, Dentist
WhiteWash Professional Whitening Strips are a new whitening treatment and offer the latest technology in the field of teeth whitening. Dr. Michael Alatsaris from Park Avenue Dental Practice says that WhiteWash Whitening Strips offer patients an effective, affordable means of teeth whitening which are exclusive to dental practices. “WhiteWash Whitening Strips have become an option to far more of my patients than the traditional whitening methods. They are proving to be a cost-effective way to a much improved smile and are easy to use. The feedback has been great, with visible results even within a few days’ use. “The WhiteWash formula has clearly been honed to perfection as there is no slippage at all! It’s a 4% hydrogen peroxide gel with an almost adhesive-like property. The concentration percentage is just right for daytime use, for young and old. “We will all continue to have an increasing number of younger patients with sound teeth requiring no dental treatment. They are almost all amenable to some whitening treatment, if they choose. I see this being a good practice-builder for the future. “This is whitening for the masses, and I believe it will become mainstream and public knowledge within a year or two. Watch this space!”
Teeth Whitening – The Bright Way to Grow Your Practice
Dr. Michael Alatsaris, Dentist
WhiteWash Professional Whitening Strips use a patented slow-release formula to safely and gently deliver the exact amount of mint flavoured whitening gel to evenly and effectively whiten teeth. As a practice builder, WhiteWash Professional Whitening Strips are ideal, and can be used in conjunction with regular tray whitening, or as a “top up” to more advanced in-surgery whitening techniques. Jasneet Gulati is a dental student, and blogger at He says: “I found that WhiteWash Professional Whitening Strips were very easy to use and produced great results that were noticeable within just a few days. Having previously tried using a tray-based system, I found that the strips to be less hassle and much less irritant to my gums. Neither my friends nor myself experienced any sensitivity, and we found the strips were a bit more social as they could be used ‘on-the-go’ – something we could not do with trays. I even saved some strips to top-up my level of whitening every other month! I would definitely recommend WhiteWash Professional Whitening Strips as an inexpensive, effective and safe method of whitening.”
WhiteWash Professional Whitening Strips : Inexpensive, Effective and Safe

“I discovered WhiteWash Laboratories when I was searching for a whitening product that not only gave great results but was also value for money. I phoned the company where I was greeted by Chris, who answered all my questions with ease and gave me great confidence in the product. We firstly sampled some whitening strips for the staff to see how we got along with the product and the response was great, the girls loved the product and were so happy with the results after two weeks. With this being a success we ordered the 6% hydrogen peroxide gel for our home whitening systems, Chris provided us with gift bags and presentation boxes, which gives the product a high end & professional appearance. The product really has been as success and patients have been over the moon with their end results, I would recommend WhiteWash laboratories to any practice looking to provide a quality product that gets great results but at exceptional value. I couldn’t be happier that i discovered this product, what more can I say – Just try it for yourself”.

The product really has been as success and patients have been over the moon with their end results, I would recommend WhiteWash laboratories to any practice looking to provide a quality product that gets great results but at exceptional value

WhiteWash Professional Whitening Strips are a simple, safe and effective way of whitening teeth and are a great way of introducing patients to other whitening treatments further down the line.

Dr. Bala of Scissett Dental, Huddersfield says:

“WhiteWash Professional Whitening Strips are just fantastic – I wish I’d discovered them sooner! They are an excellent ‘first whitening option’ for any patient interested in whitening and are fairly inexpensive which means patients can try them out and move on to other products from there. “The feedback I’ve had from my patients has been excellent. I introduced WhiteWash Professional Whitening Strips as an entry-level teeth whitening system for patients who haven’t tried whitening before. The results we are able to achieve have been so good, and the feedback has been so positive, that patients have often asked for more teeth whitening, whether it’s a home tray whitening system or more teeth whitening strips. Some patients even use the strips as an easy top-up to other whitening treatments that they can use before weddings or other important events. “I really can’t recommend WhiteWash Professional Whitening Strips enough. They really have taken off really well!”
WhiteWash Professional Whitening Strips Are Just Fantastic – I Wish I’d Discovered Them Sooner!
Dr. Bala, Dentist


Below are testimonials from members of the public who are using our products:

I have been using WhiteWash Laboratories Pink Ribbon toothbrush paired with their Silver Particle Whitening Toothpaste, which contains 99.9% pure silver particles, aloe vera, green tea extract and vitamin E - this £8.95 toothpaste is worth every penny. Since I’ve been using it, so many people have asked me if I’ve had my teeth whitened, I’ve lost count, which says it all, really.

So many people have asked me if I’ve had my teeth whitened!
Jessica Luper, Beauty Blogger

I’ve been using WhiteWash Laboratories’ Sonic Whitening Toothbrush. Instead of being the usual boring old brush, this is sleek and cool design, as well as helping to whiten teeth. It has three different brushing modes - clean, whiten and massage, as well as a timer and a long-life rechargeable battery.

Sleek and Cool Design
Hannah Vickers, Beauty Blogger
I would definitely recommend WhiteWash Whitening Strips to anyone, they are so easy and quick to use for the results you get. My teeth look a completely different colour from what they used to when I look back on photos. The results are great!
I would definitely recommend WhiteWash Whitening Strips to anyone!
My husband and I used whitewash in preparation for our wedding and we were thrilled with the results. Our teeth were noticeably whiter and I loved the results on our wedding photographs. I would definitely recommend people to try it.
We were thrilled with the results!
Sarah and Iain
Your sonic whitening toothbrush is the best electric brush I've ever used! I just love it!
The best Sonic toothbrush!
Thanks for my silver particle toothpaste - I absolutely love it!
Absolutely love your silver particle whitening toothpaste!