Specially Designed Whitening Trays

WhiteWash Professional Whitening trays have been specially designed to provide optimum whitening results.

The trays are formed from a special plastic containing micro-pores, which are designed to replicate the microscopic pores of tooth enamel. These pores fill with tiny particles of bleaching gel which in turn breakdown more slowly giving a longer working time by keeping more active bleach in contact with the enamel.

No reservoirs are required and the gel spreads across the surface of the tooth and whitening tray via capillary action helping to distribute it evenly and meaning less gel is required – “so each whitening syringe goes that bit further”.

WhiteWash Luxury Gift Box

Whitening Tray Manufacturer

Our dental laboratory is based in the UK so you are getting expertly made teeth whitening trays that work perfectly with our teeth whitening gels.

Choose from either our specially designed thin whitening tray or our standard thickness whitening tray.